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Season 1
Episode 1 - The Handsome Swordsman of Legend: A Man who Fights for Love Episode 2 - Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student Episode 3 - Swordsman of Sorrow: The Man Who Slays His Past Episode 4 - Bad! Introducing Sanosuke, Fighter-for-hire Episode 5 - The Reverse-blade Sword vs. the Zanbatou: Beyond the Battle Episode 6 - The Appearance of Kurogasa: Visitor from the Shadows Episode 7 - Deathmatch under the Moon! Protect the One You Love Episode 8 - A New Battle! The Mysterious Beauty From Nowhere Episode 9 - The Strongest Group of Ninjas: The Horrible Oniwaban Group Episode 10 - Aoshi: Someone so Beautiful it's Frightening Episode 11 - "Farewell, the Strongest Men: The Clash of Light and Shadow Episode 12 - Birth of a Boy Swordsman: The Battle of First Apprentice Yahiko Episode 13 - Strive for the Grand Championship: Toramaru's Sumo Battle Log! Episode 14 - To Save a Small Life Lady Doctor Megumi to the Rescue Episode 15 - Two Legendary Manslayers Two Legendary Slashers Episode 16 - A Promise From the Heart The Secret Sword Technique of Shiden Episode 17 - Fly to Your Dreams Marimo, The Human Cannon Episode 18 - Run, Yahiko! Run Yahiko! Get the Reverse-Edged Sword Back Episode 19 - Raijuta's Ambition The Fantasy of the Forbidden Kingdom Episode 20 - Revival of the Shinko Style Revival of the Killer Sword – Shinko Style Episode 21 - Dissolution of a Nightmare Destruction of a Nightmare Episode 22 - Danger on a Runaway Locomotive Surprise Incident on a Runaway Locomotive Episode 23 - Sanosuke's Betrayal The Fateful Reunion Episode 24 - Midnight Battle: Kenshin versus Sanosuke Revisited Episode 25 - The Crimson Pirate The Red Pirate – Kenshin and Kaoru Separated Episode 26 - Lightning Incarnate Shura, The Mysterious Female Pirate Episode 27 - Burn, Island of Terror! The Red Pirate - Conclusion
Season 2
Episode 1 - Prelude to the Impending Fight: The Shadow of the Wolf Draws Near Episode 2 - Strongest Opponent From the Past: Merciless Fangs Strike! Episode 3 - A Devil of Vengeance: Makoto Shishio's Plot Episode 4 - A Wish Unrequited: Kenshin Departs Episode 5 - Change Tears to Courage: Kaoru Kamiya's Choice Episode 6 - For the Title of Strongest: Aoshi's New Conflict Episode 7 - The Girl Bandit: Misao Makimachi's Hidden Side Episode 8 - Conquered Village: The Grasp of Shishio's Hands Episode 9 - Across the Boundary Between Edo and Meiji: Kenshin and Shishio Face to Face! Episode 10 - Shock! The Reverse-Blade is Broken: Sojiro's Tenken verses Kenshin Episode 11 - Sanosuke's Secret Training: The Challenge of Anji the Destroyer Episode 12 - The Creator of the Reverse-Blade Sword: Shakku Arai's Final Swing Episode 13 - A Killer Without Mercy: Fight to the Death Against the Cho of the Juppongatana Episode 14 - The Ultimate Technique of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style: Reunion with a Mentor, Seijuro Hiko Episode 15 - The Formation of an Alliance: The Day When Aoshi Joins with Shishio Episode 16 - Between Life and Death: Master the Ultimate Technique, Amakakeru Ryu no Hikameki! Episode 17 - A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters: The Strongest Troop Juppongatana Episode 18 - As if to Fly: Stop the Launch of the Battleship Purgatory! Episode 19 - Purgatory Bursts into Flames: The Destiny of Makoto Shishio Episode 20 - Crash! The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami: The Fist of Sonosuke Screams! Episode 21 - Reborn to Salvation: The Beginning of Anji’s New Life Episode 22 - The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart: The Fierce Attack of the Zero Stance Gatotsu Episode 23 - The Promised Time Has Come: Aoshi and Kenshin Fight Again Episode 24 - Wake Up Now! Ignore Your Wounds and Fight to the Finish Episode 25 - To Make a Miracle: The Battle at the Aoiya Episode 26 - The Giant Versus Superman: Like an Arrow Shot at a Time of Despair Episode 27 - Hiten versus Shukuchi Episode 28 - The Tragedy of a Stormy Night Episode 29 - A Duel With an Extreme Moment Episode 30 - Two Men at the End of an Era Episode 31 - The Age Chooses Shishio? Episode 32 - Not Out of Luck! Episode 33 - The Man Who is Chosen for Victory Episode 34 - The Juppongatana Who Remain (aka The Choice for Life) Episode 35 - Kyoto, the Engraved Memory
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Rurouni Kenshin

The Meiji Era was one of great renewal for Japan, where swords and killing were outlawed. However, many survivors from the time of Revolution still live, lurking in the shadows and waiting for a chance to use their killing blades again. Only Kenshin Himura, formerly one of the most brutal of killers, hopes to keep his swordsman’s honor and still live in the new era.

WatchCartoonOnline Review:

Rurouni Kenshin – one of the best action & adventureanime, I ever seen. The best anime online? This is an answer that has changed many times in my life and will probably change more often, but for now, Rurouni Kenshin If a anime can manage me to stay hooked on the whole anime online, that’s very impressive.

Rurouni Kenshin’s one of the best anime films ever made, I love music. There is not a single thing wrong with that anime. It sets the 10/10 standard for every other anime in existence for me. This anime online seriously is incredible. My favorite anime of this director, and that’s saying something!

After watching, I really liked the mix of feelings. I have not found Rurouni Kenshin anime full elsewhere so I uploaded it here, you can now watch anime online free.